Event Livestream

What to expect:

Event livestreams can be a great option when important guests aren’t able attend. 

Here’s what you need to know about them:


As the customer, what do I get?

I supply a YouTube link to the livestream before the event, usually the day before but earlier at your request. 

I supply all livestream equipment needed and will connect my camera directly to the event PA if possible, I can also supply a hand held microphone without a PA or use a radio microphone attached to the people speaking.  

I also supply an online recording which you can also download. (this is a private link)

You use YouTube?  what about Zoom or Facebook?

I’ve found YouTube to be an easy and great looking option for event guests.  Your guests need only click on the link and they see your livestream.  Other options are available but may include extra costs or difficulties on the day including guests needing to create logins.  Livestream is definitely a case of simple is best! (especially when some of your important guests aren’t tech savvy!)

What happens on the day?

You distribute the link to your guests when you’re ready.  If a guest clicks on the link before the event they will see a photo and countdown timer with the name of your event.  At the agreed time the livestream will start and the photo will be replaced by the livestream.  It’s that easy!

Is it better than a phone?

Yes, the audio and video will be extremely clear in comparison to a phone livestream.  Almost like sitting in the front row!

What if the connection is bad?

My equipment uses several internet connections at once as well as specialised antennas to give the best possible livestream.

I can’t guarantee a great connection as I’m dependent on the public phone network and venue wi-fi connections.  In cases where the livestream drops out due to network congestion I can upload a video of the event on the same day.

Is my event private?

Yes, I offer several options for livestream but most common is a private YouTube link.  Your livestream is not searchable and does not appear as a suggested video anywhere on YouTube, the only way for people to see your event is for them to have the link that I send to you.

There are many security options if you want to guarantee privacy, please let me know if you’d like to discuss other options.

Do you livestream our reception?

Usually not.  Receptions are a bit of a different case but we can arrange this if required.


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